Run Coaching

The Necessity of a Running Coach

Back in my youth, in the simpler times after college when all I wanted to do was run fast and run big miles, I began working with my first professional running coach. He was an imposing figure with a thick New York accent and wild eyes, the type of character an author would describe with relish. After many practices we’d sit with him as he regaled us with stories of past athletes he coached, races he competed in, and endless training advice. To this day I’m convinced half of his “words of wisdom” were equally given to educate and confound his athletes, but many of his pearls have stuck with me to this day. One in particular was along the lines of, “when it comes to running, a good plan or a bad plan, is better than no plan at all.”

“When it comes to running, a good plan or a bad plan, is better than no plan at all.”

Downtown 5k Greenville, SC 2019

At the time,

I didn’t understand how a bad plan should ever be an option. Years later, after many moments of deliberation and coaching plans of my own, did I realize that he was absolutely right. A pursuit as rewarding and treacherous as running should never be seriously attempted without prior thought. An aspiring runner at any level should always know why they are running and to what end. The right path to this end requires a plan of action. A running coach can help make this process one with the least amount of resistance and highest chance of success.

My first post-collegiate running coach’s blustery words about good and bad plans towards running only meant that some semblance of thought and preparation should go into planning a period of training. At Elite Stretch and Strength, I pride myself on providing consistent, easy to follow training plans for runners of all levels. Whether an athlete is training to complete their first 5K, or attempting to qualify for the Olympic Trials, I want to help make that process as smooth and successful as possible.