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    Do I have to be an athlete to come in for a session?

    Anyone who desires to improve upon flexibility, mobility, strength, or recieve help with an injury, soreness, or pain, is encouraged to come in for a session.

    Do I have to take all my clothes off for the massage portion of the session?

    No, I utilize sports massage in my sessions. Depending on the area you desire to be worked on, I may request you wear shorts, remove your shirt, or wear a sports bra.

    Do you have walk-in appointments?

    No, I am appointment only. I am very flexible.

    For a full session, do I have to receive assisted stretching, massage, and instruction on strength/mobility techniques?

    Full sessions will always feature both massage and assisted stretching. The client may ask for an emphasis on one though where more time will be allotted. Strength/mobility technique is encouraged but not required in the full session.

    For a half session, do I have to recieve both assisted stretching and massage?

    No, half sessions can be a massage, assisted stretching, a combination of the two, or a strength session.

    What is assisted stretching?

    Assisted stretching is an effective way to elongate relaxed muscles. The techniques I use are movement based. The client stays relaxed while I safely and effectively stretch specific muscle groups.

    Am I expected to run everyday under Run Coaching?

    No, I adapt all training schedules to the ability and goals of the runner. For some this could be running a few days a week, while for others it could be everyday.

    Where are you located?

    My studio is in the Village of West Greenville above Dobra Tea. To get to the upstairs studios, you will walk behind the building and up a metal staircase.