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About Us

Elite Stretch and Strength strives to be the ultimate resource for an athlete in need. 

We focus on individuals with

Landon Peacock Sports Massage





& more!



Elite Stretch & Strength works with individuals through a multi-faceted approach of Sports Massage, Assisted Stretching, and instruction on Mobility / Strength techniques.


Sports/Treatment Style

Assisted Stretching

Active Isolated

Assisted Stretching

Active Isolated

Mobility Work

Dynamic movements &
Stretch rope technique

Strength Work

Body Weight &
Resisted Technique

Strength Work

Body Weight &
Resisted Technique

What We Do

We provide the most effective treatment methods and movement instructions to athletes in need. 

We believe that a well rounded approach to rehabilition, maintenance, and education leads to a stronger and injury resistant athlete. 

“Being a lifetime runner, I have regularly struggled with injury. Working with Frank has been a game-changer. For the first time in my life, I have strung together 3 consecutive years of injury-free running. “

-Nick O.

Ask yourself

Are you an athlete in need of treatment for injury, soreness, and tightness or simply want to learn better strength/mobility techniques?